Sustainability / Refurbishment

PGA Totaalinrichters is a leader in the field of sustainable renovation and refurbishment. PGA Totaalinrichters integrates environmentally friendly materials, efficient use of raw materials and renewable energy. Through collaborative planning, they transform spaces with a focus on environmental awareness. Our approach includes thorough assessment, the use of recycled materials and technological integration, creating visually appealing and environmentally responsible renovated spaces that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Focus on sustainable office design

PGA Totaalinrichters leads the way in delivering innovative office designs that are both functional and future-proof. Our designs integrate sustainability, functionality, safety, vitality, atmosphere and overall experience. Investing in sustainability within your company can provide a significant competitive advantage by improving your image and reputation.

The design of office spaces offers a unique opportunity to align with business objectives. Social responsibility is a key concern for most companies, and sustainability can make a significant contribution to this cause, aiming for a more sustainable future not just for the company but for the world.

Integrating sustainability into the design and layout of office buildings also delivers long-term cost benefits. This is attributed to lower energy costs and lower maintenance and repair costs. Choosing sustainable purchasing practices becomes essential to extend the intervals between necessary maintenance and repairs.


Promoting sustainability of offices

Many companies are prioritizing improving the sustainability of their offices, driven in part by increasingly stringent government regulations regarding energy-efficient structures. Sustainable offices not only reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also cultivate a healthy working environment, increasing the value of the property.

In addition to energy savings, a sustainable office contributes to increased comfort and well-being of employees. This in turn ensures better performance, less stress, less absenteeism and more satisfaction among employees. The sustainability of a building plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining top personnel.

From 2023, office buildings are required to achieve at least energy label C, which translates into an annual energy consumption of a maximum of 225 kWh per m2. PGA Totaalinrichters facilitates compliance by optimizing space design and climate systems for efficiency.